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Let your CV have your unique character! Let them attract the attention of a potential future employer!

Creativity helps in many areas of life – creativity also pays off when writing a CV. After all, almost everyone prefers his CV to be the best, somehow we outdo each other in ideas on how to make a personal CV even more attractive for the employer with whom we are applying for information. At the same time, following these innovative methods (video recording with your application, placing your own applications on huge billboards), candidates (almost all people – 90%) try to make the traditional standard document, which is a CV, also be more attractive, in some industries it is it’s almost a standard!

Such “treatments” are most often found in CVs in companies where creativity is the most desirable feature of an employee. We are talking here about, for example) computer graphics or advertising agencies. A “tweaked” CV (graphically) is one thing … and whether someone actually pays attention to it – is another. The vast majority (over 95%) of employers pay attention only to the competences of employees, and not to the form in which they provided their CV.

Truthfulness and honesty pays off a lot. Why write clichéd texts about personal development and the like, since the only thing we know about personal development is how to write it … – honesty in fact pays off. Indeed, when you write that your studies were an intuitive waste of time … – it also has the opportunity to be perceived as a plus and it will prove your courage and that you have a private opinion and aspirations.

Therefore, when building application documents, no matter for what position, it is worth BEING YOURSELF, even if it would mean a critical look at your current professional practice or acquired education. You can also write such a document by hand, it is already a kind of “accent” to the application, you can also mention an example economic or commercial problem (depending on the position we are applying for).

Remember that he does not have one recipe for a perfectly written Curriculum Vitae for a given job. There are many ways to make an individual program interesting. It is worth bearing in mind that our CV is consistent and logical, let’s show that we are reliable and consistent.

Almost every employer looks at the applications that he receives for information about job positions in his own company from a different angle, so we also do not know exactly what the special emphasis must be on the employer to whom we sent a personal CV and with whom we are applying for a job. Therefore, let’s get interested in the company to which we want to submit an individual CV and check, at least let’s try to guess what may be the most important for our potential future employer, which may be especially important in applications that are obtained for the desk.

We have already mentioned that the CV should be concise and precisely specified, so it is not worth writing over many pages, because… anyway, not a single person will read it. For the employer, precisely defined data on your issue are important, which may be those required for information about the job. Let’s not write about all our interests or experiences. Write about those that will especially attract the attention of employers from a given company. In fact, practically everyone has a chance to produce a record CV for a given company, it is only during the interview that you will find out whether you told the whole truth in the application documents and whether you were there yourself – because this will be the most important thing for the employer.

We remind you once again:

CV is your showcase, it must be your “pass” to a better job, in a better corporation, try to make it record-breaking, but do not embellish it in an “artificial” method, because almost any, even the smallest a lie is very easy to verify, and you will be losers at the beginning – because you will lose credibility. BE YOURSELF!

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