How many pages of CV should I prepare? Find out if your resume can be more than one page long

You’ve certainly heard the statement that a good CV should be no more than one page. It turns out to be a myth! Recruiters do not look more favorably at short documents, and a two-page CV, provided it is filled with valuable information, can be as encouraging as it is a one-page one. Read on and see when it is worth condensing information in your resume and when it is better to afford a longer CV.

What will you learn in the article?

  • CV does not fit on one page – is it really a problem?
  • CV – one or two pages? Check what it depends on
  • CV on one page – how to condense information?

There is no golden rule for how many pages a CV should have . It all depends on the accumulated work experience, the number of courses taken, as well as the requirements of the specific advertisement you are responding to. It is most important that your CV is clear, legible and understandable.

CV doesn’t fit on one page – is it really a problem?

Have you heard various voices and wondering does the CV have to be on one page ? Sending recruiters short and concise application documents is good practice, but their optimal length is relative.

The answer to whether a CV can be 2 pages long is yes, but only if you are sure that all the information you provide is valuable to the recruiter.

CV – one or two pages? Check what it depends on

You already know whether your CV can be 2 pages . But is it yours?

In fact, the evaluation is yours. Track your work experience and try to look at it objectively. If you are a student – definitely do not bother to list everything you have done in your CV, just to fill two pages with text. If you do not have experience in the profession yet, you can refer to examples of internships, internships, various university activities or simply interests that will show your proactive attitude, skills, willingness to learn, etc. It is important that you do not bet on quantity, but at the same time be able to effectively tell the prospective employer that you have the competences they are looking for.

A one-page resume is a good idea for people who:

  • they are just starting their professional career,
  • do not have much experience in the industry,
  • they work for many years in one company.

On the other hand, there is no reason for a field expert with 20 years of professional experience to deliberately limit the content of his CV – he would certainly have to omit some relevant information. Therefore, in such a case, the document will have two or even three pages – and no recruiter will be surprised.

CV on one page – how to condense information?

There may be times when your CV will not fit on one page, but the other page will not be complete and will only contain a few sentences. How many pages should I write my CV in this situation? Then it is better to condense the content and prepare a one-page document.

How do I do that?

  • Match your CV with job offer

Consider whether all the information you provided in your CV is needed to recruit for a given position. Maybe you will find in your resume a mention of an internship that you did a long time ago and in a completely different industry than your current one? A recruiter who is looking for a copywriter for an advertising agency certainly does not need to know that you obtained a cooking or DIY course certificate after graduation.

You do not need to have developed graphic skills to spread the text of the resume, e.g. in two columns – all you need to do is do some research in a text editor or use our CV creator. It’s a simple procedure, thanks to which you will have plenty of space to fill with important information about your experience and education.

  • Put a short professional summary at the beginning

This way you will not feel that your CV does not represent all your important skills, professional experiences and competences.

If you want to ask an expert a specific question that bothers you (e.g. you still have doubts whether your CV should be on one page or on two), arrange a free consultation CV. Meeting a professional online will definitely be a valuable experience!

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